Return to Work

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Return to work

Having an effective RTW strategy is imperative to help meet the goals and objectives for managing the bottom line. Our team works with clients to identify potential RTW candidates and provides program / process guidelines and tracking mechanisms that help capture and illustrate return on investment.

Further, value added proposition for RTW is as follows:

  • The injured worker continues to be productive and contributes to the Company.
  • Keeps the employee engaged with the workplace and not sitting idle.
  • Communication between the employee, treating physician, and the employer is much more effective.
  • Discourages abuse of workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Helps to prevent the employee from developing a disability mindset. A RTW focuses on the employees’ abilities – not their disabilities.
  • Finally, keeps the Total Incurred costs down. The faster an employee gets back to work in some capacity – the faster the claim will get closed!