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Claims Management

At RMU, we deliver on Best Practices Claims Management within our Workers’ Compensation program as part of our cost containment strategy. Aggressively managing claims is paramount to our success.

Our Workers’ Compensation team is focused on ensuring injured employees receive appropriate treatment by qualified medical professionals in the most cost effective manner.

Processes may vary by state and include the following:

  • Knowing and understanding the complexities and legal requirements of each state,
  • Utilizing industry resources,
  • Timely reporting,
  • Reviewing claims for potential fraud and subrogation,
  • Working directly with insurance carrier claims adjusters,
  • Requesting surveillance and/or additional resources,
  • Communicating with the client,
  • Continuously monitoring claims for malingering or abuse,
  • Identifying return to work opportunities, and
  • Working to ensure the claim gets closed as soon as reasonable possible.