About Us


Risk Management Underwriters, Inc. (RMU) is dedicated to providing alternative Workers Compensation Solutions and Employee Benefit Strategies to Insurance Agencies and Business Owners nationwide. In addition to providing cost effective programs, RMU takes insurance strategies to the next level by offering alternative solutions to control the runaway cost of employee related insurances such as workers compensation and medical benefits. RMU provides the analytical tools and benchmarks to clients to be sure their programs stay ahead of the competition.

Engaging our service will provide you with unique and affordable coverage options to help contain the cost of employee related insurance. RMU specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions for companies with High Workers Compensation Experience Modifications, hard to place risks, companies facing large increases in Health Care Premiums and long term strategies to help clients through the challenges of Health Care Reform.

We work for you and strive to provide quick and accurate quotes. Business owners need long term solutions in addition to immediate cost relief. RMU understands the challenges and it is our commitment to constantly exceed our client’s expectations of product availability, service, and market knowledge.